1. Order Receipt and Processing: Orders are currently  received at our facility via the following methods; phone, fax, e- mail, business reply and general mail.

Order Processing Procedures Summary:

 a. Order is received and entered into system by a dedicated customer service rep.

 b. Packing Lists/Invoices and shipping labels are generated along with a summary of total ordered by line item for batch processing. Rush orders are pulled and printed separately.

c. Orders are forwarded to production supervisor for pulling and packing.  Staff members handling orders must initial paperwork. Rush orders are handled separately.

 d. Completed orders are forwarded to shipping for final processing via designated method.


 2. Packaging of Orders: Once sealed, shipping labels shall be affixed to each carton. Prior to shipping, orders are randomly checked for accuracy and quality by the production supervisor. Multiple carton shipments are marked 1 of, 2 of, 3 of, etc. Only reinforced gummed tape and UPS approved 200 # test cartons are used for packing. Filler shall be kept to a minimum and is usually bubble pack or recycled news print paper.

 3. Shipping: Once orders are packed & sealed, they are periodically forwarded to shipping throughout the day for final handling. All orders must be in shipping by 3:00 p.m. EST for shipping that day. The shipper will weigh the order/package (s) and ship via the designated method on the paperwork using a computerized manifest system. The packages are entered into our system by order number and/or unique ID number for order ship verification and tracking. Once completed, the orders are placed in a holding area for pick up via the appropriate carrier.

The shipping manager is responsible for ensuring that orders are shipped on time and on the designated ship date. Additionally the shipping manager is responsible for obtaining the best rates for all levels of shipping. Any shipping vendors must be approved by a senior manager and the customer.

 4. Receiving Procedures: It is required that all deliveries meet the following specifications for receipt into our warehouse:

a. All cartons/containers shall be marked with at least the following; PO number, stock number (SKU), quantity in carton, description, size and color.

b. Pallet size shall be standard 48" and shall not exceed 48" in height.

 c. A detailed packing list must accompany all shipments with at least the following information; Vendor Name, PO number, itemized stock number (SKU), description, quantity delivered, quantity back ordered if applicable, cartons per stock #, total cartons and / or total pallets. Packing List shall be clearly visible.

 d. Appointments are not required, but advance notice of delivery would be appreciated.

 e. Receiving hours are 8:30 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. EST. For delivery outside of these hours the shipper/vendor will be required to make special arrangements.

 All materials received are stored and maintained in a designated area of our warehouse.

 5. Special Delivery Situations: In the event the customer requires special delivery such as overnight / expedited services, these orders are pulled at time of request and are processed, packaged and shipped separately from the other orders the same day.

  6. Automated Mailing Capability: Gilmore Associates presently has on premises Pitney Bowes Inserting equipment and Postal Meters, bursters, Cheshire labeling equipment, folders, direct imaging and ink jet equipment, and other mail processing machines. We mail tens of thousands of pieces daily including, but not limited to, letters, postcards, catalogs, news letters, announcements and flyers. We offer all methods of postal routing including presort, bulk, parcel post, non-profit and more.

 7. Mass Distribution: When our clients require that their customers receive their products in the field simultaneously, we receive, pack and ship materials in the time frame required to meet the due dates in field. From sales brochures, POP materials, field support materials, products, etc., we coordinate all aspects of the project from purchasing of packaging, labor management, to cost effective shipping methods that meet our client's deadlines.

Customer Service 

1. Delivery Time to Field: Based on UPS ground shipping within South and Central Florida, we anticipate delivery to the field within a maximum of 3 days from order date. It is currently our policy to ship all orders within 24 hours of receipt. Outside these areas delivery time will be 3 - 10 days within the United States depending on region.

 2. Shipping via UPS / IRPS: We currently ship over 80% of our packages via UPS or RPS. The balance are shipped via Courier, USPS, LTL, FEDEX, and others.

 3. Phone and Fax Line: We will make available phone and fax lines for receipt of your orders. As stated previously, dedicated customer service representatives will be assigned to process orders. We currently operate 5 days a week.

 4. Hours of Operation: We currently have operating hours of 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST. Fax machines are on 24 hours a day.

 5. Same Day Order Processing: Presently 60% of orders received by 2:00 p.m. EST are shipped the same day. Orders received after 2:00 p.m. are shipped on a First In, First Out Basis, with all orders shipped within 24 hours of request. We work with our curriers to arrange for the latest possible pick up and ship time.

 6. MIS and Reporting: We can provide virtually any type of report capturing the information that meets customer specifications including inventory, order history by agent, ad response, reports by region, etc. We utilize more than one software package from fully integrated order processing and management software to a simple data base program. This allows flexibility in the system and our customers only use the program that best suits their needs.

 7. Telecommunications Capabilities: Presently we have a total of eight phone lines, two dedicated modem lines, two dedicated E-mall lines and three fax lines for customer ordering.





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