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Residential, Business and Consumer lists readily available. Our List Research Department will assist you in determining your target audience.

If you've determined who to target, what they want and how they want it, and you've created an effective direct marketing communication, it doesn't make sense to trust the delivery to just anyone.

Gilmore Associates provides the most efficient and cost-effective means of meeting all of your mail services needs, regardless of the scope of your project. Our state-of-the-art, automated mail processing centers combine our production managers' years of experience with the latest in specialized equipment to handle even the most demanding applications.


Our services include:

 Volume/Mass Mailings - We can handle large  or small jobs

 Personalized Mailings with variable copy - Address prospects by name, change sensitive copy by segment or geographic area and customize your material as never before

 Laser/Inkjet Printing - With digital, on demand printing, you can order what you need when you need it to cut turnaround time and expense. We can accommodate large and small runs at very high speed to produce crisp, clear images.

 Inkjet Addressing - Just supply your file and we'll do the rest

 Postal Optimization -- Pick/Pack/Barcodes/Sort/Postage/Ship. Thousands of packages leave our facilities daily, virtually anything that fits a box, bag, envelope or skid. But more important than volume, they go out on time, accurately and tightly controlled.

 NCOA - We can make sure your data is up to date with the latest address changes

 CASS Certification - Your mailing will conform to all postal regulations

Automation Prep - Just say "MAX IT"! We standardize names and addresses, append and correct zip codes and all postal delivery codes, and presort the file to maximize your postage savings



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